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If your relationship seems to be suffering, consider whether talking to a couples therapist or marriage counselor at Revive counseling and wellness in Louisville, KY could help.
Marriage and Family Counselor in Louisville, KY

Reconnect With Your Partner

If you are researching options for marriage or relationship counseling, it is likely you have already been working pretty hard on improving your relationship. Often, by the time couples come in for counseling, they have worked their butts off trying to make things better! This can feel so frustrating because it seems like relationships shouldn't be this hard. What is even more sad is that couples start to wonder if they were meant for each other or if they will ever feel close again.

Most Couples Struggle at Times

Feeling disconnected is a common but often unspoken experience for couples. Living with the constant stress of relationship conflict is draining and unhealthy. We excel at helping unhappy and disconnected couples reconnect, get unstuck, fight less, improve communication, and learn to function as a supportive team.


Being in a healthy relationship is possible with the right tools. We help couples recover from affairs, improve communication and rekindle lost connection. Couples therapy serves as a space to build emotional communication and improve agreement recovery skills. Also, relationship therapy can serve as a place to help you decide the next steps in your relationship or to help with recovering from a difficult breakup. 

We offer online counseling to help manage PTSD symptoms. Our counseling services help those with PTSD symptoms. Learn More. Individual Counseling. Psychiatry Services.
Couples Counseling Can Save Your Relationship

In relationships, it is often assumed that your partner is aware of your needs and expectations. This is not the case as people have to be informed clearly of your needs and desires. Couples therapy teaches you how to communicate your needs and expectations.

In our sessions, we’ll address your relationship and goals with empathy, compassion, and acceptance to help you both grow and reconnect with each other and yourselves. We use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) as a roadmap to guide couples to repair and connect. EFT helps to examine and change the dance occurring within and between the members of a couple.

We worked with couples who are seeking help with:

  • Infidelity/ Affair Recovery

  • Communication Issues

  • Financial Constraints

  • Loss of Intimacy

  • Separation/Divorce

  • Co-Parenting

  • Blended Family Discourse

  • Christian Counseling

Relationships are not designed for couples to feel constant stress, strain and disconnect from one another. In fact, it is designed for us to live fully with the safety of knowing we are emotionally connected. Healing is possible, even if there are old wounds that seem to get in the way of you feeling close. Having said that, it is important that both partners have a desire for closeness (even if it doesn't seem possible right now) and a willingness to untangle old patterns and try new things, new ways of communicating with each other. 

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