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Christian Therapist Louisville, KY. Professional state licensed Christian Counseling Services located in Louisville Kentucky.
Christian Counseling in Louisville, KY

Historically, spirituality did not play a role in psychotherapy or in the mental health field. However, due to a growing interest in empirical research which shows that therapy should address the entire being – mind, body, and spirit– there is much more support for spiritual integration in health care. At Revive Counseling and Wellness, we value this integrative approach to helping the whole person along with their journey to wellness.

Often potential clients are seeking a Christian therapist simply so they can feel safe and understood while focusing on other items as their primary reason for seeing a therapist. Others seek a Christian counselor because they are experiencing mental health related concerns that immediately overlap with their faith.

For those seeking a faith-based therapist specifically because their primary concerns directly overlap with their faith, here are just a few areas I can offer support with:

  • Spiritual Abuse Counseling and Spiritual Trauma Counseling

  • Anger Towards God or the Church

  • Reconnecting Faith in God

  • Staying Healthy While Questioning Faith

  • Christian Counseling

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