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At Revive Counseling & Wellness we believe in therapy that works for you. We specialize in counseling services for individuals, and couples. We provide clients with increased flexibility and comfort while accommodating busy and complex demands of everyday life by helping you create change with our flexible in person psychotherapy and online coaching options designed to fit your lifestyle and schedule.

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Life, such a beautiful gift of opportunity and uncertainty at the same time. No matter who you are or where you come from, being in alignment with yourself often brings peace of mind. You may be at a crossroad, trying to determine your next step forward.  Or perhaps you are in need of a space, to process some internal dialogue you’ve been having for a while now. What could happen if your dared to walk boldly in your truth? How could you benefit from practicing more self-compassion?
Collaboratively, we helped individuals struggling with:
We've provided healing to couples:
Couples Counseling Therapists in Louisville, KY . With our couples therapy & relationship counseling sessions in Louisville, KY, you and your partner can start the healing process.
Being in a healthy relationship is possible with the right tools. We help couples recover from affairs, improve communication and rekindle lost connection. Couples therapy serves as a space to build emotional communication and improve agreement recovery skills. Also, couples therapy can serve as a place to help you decide the next steps in your relationship or to help with recovering from a difficult breakup. In relationships, it is often assumed that your partner is aware of your needs and expectations. This is not the case as people have to be informed clearly of your needs and desires. Couples therapy teaches you how to communicate your needs and expectations.
Looking for couples therapy in Louisville? Our licensed therapists can help couples build healthier relationships. Call today 502-632-3282
We worked with couples who are seeking help with:
  • Infidelity/ Affair Recovery

  • Communication Issues

  • Financial Constraints

  • Separation/Divorce

  • Co-Parenting

  • Blended Family Discourse

At Couples Counseling of Louisville, you will receive practical positive help for dealing with personal and relationship problems.
What makes us the Best Life Coach in Louisville KY?

What Makes Revive Different

Revive Counseling & Wellness and our community of passionate wellness professionals see helping you get to the next step of your personal growth journey. We believe in supporting the whole individual. Coaching is just one facet of the many ways that Revive Counseling & Wellness is here to support your ability to find relief from feeling:

  • Stress or anxiety

  • Low self-esteem

  • Isolation or lacking community

  • Uncertainty in regard to life transitions


Our Clinicians are constantly learning and growing to provide you with quality attention and expertise.  They specialize in actionable, solution-oriented practices to understand where you are and then empower you to step into your best life.

What’s more, Revive understands that empowerment can come from a holistic approach to wellness. Whether you need a therapist, nutritionist, fitness coach, or a life/career coach, there is a wellness professional here to help you.


Next Steps

Are you ready to take steps to feel your best and live how you know deep down you can? If the Revive model feels like a good fit to you, click the button below to schedule an appointment with a coach. Don’t live in Kentucky? We’ve got you! Did you know that many of our clinicians and coaches work with clients online, too!

Get The Virtual Or In-Person Care You Need With Help From Client Matching Team. Browse Through Our Therapist Profiles And Request A Free Virtual Consultation. Admin Support.


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