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Mindive provides counseling & coaching for children, parents & teens in Kentucky. ... Children, Teens and Parenting ... Louisville, KY 40243
Teen Coaching and Counseling
in Louisville

Do you feel disconnected from your teen? Are you trying to communicate with your teenager and you don't know what else you can do or say to bridge the gap between the two of you. Teen counseling and coaching  focuses on improving  communication skills and interpersonal relationships. Your teen will learn how to regulate he’s or her emotions and impulses. 


Perhaps you worried about your teen’s state of mind? They may be showing signs of anxiety, depression or avoidance. They may also be unsure of how to develop friendships, pursue fulfilling endeavors, and complete everyday tasks. Low self esteem, difficulties in making new friends and maintaining relationships may be bringing them down.


Worried about your child but afraid you’ll say something to set them off, perhaps you are at a loss for words. Even if you know what is causing their behaviors, you may be unsure how to help.


As your child matures, they may be less inclined to follow your advice. That’s why it is so important to have them work with someone who can provide additional guidance without making them feel judged, dismissed, or oppressed. We can help.


To create this trust, it is important for everyone to understand that what your teenager says in his/her private sessions remains confidential. However, if there is an important topic that comes up, your counselor will work with your teen to be able to address it with you directly from a place of respect and collaboration.



Counseling for teens always starts with rapport-building, so our first step in helping your child will be to get to know them. We will explore their background and how it may be affecting their worldview. Some beliefs, such as the notion that “other people can never be trusted,” are typically formed early but have life-long impacts. To help them dismantle any mental schemas that are holding them back, we’ll ask thought-provoking questions and reveal a healthier perspective. Our approach is characterized by empathy, validation, and understanding that helps adolescents feel comfortable while building the self-esteem and psychological skills they need to thrive.

Looking for teen counseling? Creative Family Counseling specializes in therapy for teens and their families. Call 502.632.3282

What Makes Revive Different

Revive Counseling & Wellness and our community of passionate wellness professionals see helping you get to the next step of your personal growth journey. We believe in supporting the whole individual.

Coaching is just one facet of the many ways that Revive Counseling & Wellness is here to support your ability to find relief from feeling:

  • Stress or anxiety

  • Low self-esteem

  • Isolation or lacking community

  • Uncertainty in regard to life transitions

Our Clinicians are constantly learning and growing to provide you with quality attention and expertise.  They specialize in actionable, solution-oriented practices to understand where you are and then empower you to step into your best life.

What’s more, Revive understands that empowerment can come from a holistic approach to wellness. Whether you need a therapist, nutritionist, fitness coach, or a life/career coach, there is a wellness professional here to help you.

Next Steps

Are you ready to take steps to feel your best and live how you know deep down you can? If the Revive model feels like a good fit to you, click the button below to schedule an appointment with a coach. Don’t live in Kentucky? We’ve got you! Did you know that many of our clinicians and coaches work with clients online, too!

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