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Trauma Therapy Can Help You With The Following
  • Avoidance of situations that are reminiscent of a traumatic situation or time.

  • Difficulties finding relationships that are meaningful and safe.

  • Experiencing severe anxiety in certain situations.

  • Repeating relationship patterns, where you end up getting hurt.

  • Having frequent flashbacks or nightmares about a past event.

  • Using alcohol, sex, gambling or drugs to cope with painful past memories.

People can experience transformation and healing when processing in a safe space with a trusted, safe other. At Revive we are focused on creating that space for you to process, find healing and experience greater emotional flexibility. 

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Trauma Therapist Louisville, KY

The aftermath of traumatic events can haunt you for months or even years. What’s worse, is that you may feel shame surrounding the fear, anxiety, and depression that you feel around this event. This can leave you feeling alone with serious pain. You don’t have to face this on your own.

Trauma can impact your romantic relationships, your ability to cope with daily stress, and leave you feeling like you are trapped and alone. We can help. As therapists who has specialized training in trauma therapy, we can work with you through these issues, so that you can find a place of peace.

You may be someone who has trauma from a major life-changing event like an accident, experiences in war, tragedy in natural disasters, past abuse or assault, or diagnosis of a major illness. Or you may be experiencing trauma from other life events such as a breakup, dealing with the infidelity of a partner, or coping with an emotionally neglectful household when growing up.

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