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5 Ways to Mentally Prepare for the Holiday Season

Are the upcoming holidays stressing you out? Here are some tips to prepare you for the holiday hustle.

Being mentally prepared is the best way to tackle the holidays head-on. It means that regardless of what or who you face, you can stay grounded, care for your health, and enjoy the seasons.

Follow these tips to mentally prepare yourself for stressful situations during the holiday time:

1. Be Realistic

Take time to check in on your holiday goals and see what is realistic for your time and budget. Creating unrealistic expectations will only create frustration and disappointment. Set a budget for yourself and holiday spending before the holidays arrive and stick to it. There are ways to enjoy your holidays on a strict budget and it’ll only benefit your overall well-being.

2. Plan Ahead

Holiday planning can be stressful and overwhelming. Sticking to a routine is one of the best ways to protect ourselves against chaos. Create a plan and prioritize what is important. Set a specific schedule and make a to-do list to organize your time. Ask yourself what can be adjusted or removed from your schedule to make it more manageable. Adjust accordingly. Being mentally prepared for all of your upcoming commitments will help ease your mind and allow you to feel more in control.

3. Check in with Yourself

Through the holiday season, take a few moments each day to check in with yourself. Are you stressed? Are you overwhelmed? If the answer is yes, ask yourself why and give yourself time to feel your emotions rather than pretend to be happy. Know yourself and your vulnerabilities. Decide what you can and cannot do.

4. Set limits and practice saying no

Aunt Jackie and Cousin Mark may have differing political opinions and your mother-in-law knows exactly which buttons to push. If someone in your life tends to make you feel bad about yourself or stress you out, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Know your limits, be strong in your convictions and say no. If you need to take a step back from the situation give yourself space and time to be assertive in your communication.

5. Set Aside Some “Me-Time”

Last, and most importantly, set aside some time for yourself. The holiday season can become extremely tolling on your mind. There are many times when we recognize other people’s feelings and obligations before our own. If you know that making too many plans or spending time around others can be tiring for you, make sure you have self-care activities on your calendar, too. There are all kinds of activities going on during the holiday season that will lighten your mood. Go watch a tree lighting. Go ice skating, or take a drive through a neighborhood and look at the lights.

The holidays can be stressful for many reasons. Implementing these tips on how to prepare mentally for the holidays will help you avoid the overwhelm and enjoy yourself, your friends, and your family this holiday season. If you need help with this give us a call.

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